RF & EMC Shielding

RF & EMC Interference Solutions

Indesign Engineering’s expertise in this sector extends to general RF interference from incorrect installation to site-specific EM field interference. We have solutions for the majority of problems having been engaged many times to resolve such issues. From the design & construction of plate steel decoupled faraday cages to attenuate specific low-frequency fields to higher frequency issues prone to penetrating the audio signal path. We are able to arrange site visits to assess site suitability and advise on the best way to resolve any particular issue before it present’s itself as an issue. Field tests are carried out as standard once engaged from a design perspective to confirm if EM fields are present and summarised in field reports to show the impact for your application.

  • Low Frequency On Site Surveys
  • Investigation of Magnetic Field Interference
  • Earthing & Bonding
  • Sheet Steel faraday Cages
  • Site Suitability Evaluations
  • Magnetic fields and their impact for recording and broadcast
  • Specilaist Electrical Measurement
  • Evaluation of interference sources
  • Low Noise Lighting RF Interference
  • Mains Borne Interference
  • Industry Best Practice for Electrical Media Installations
  • Electrode Technical Earthing Systems
  • Inspection & Test
  • Mu-Metal Screening Solutions

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