About us

Mission statement

Our team of specialist engineers can help you bridge the gap between construction and technical requirements and allow you to deliver a project that actually works for the client!

Why choose us?

Indesign Engineering was born from a realisation that the Broadcast and Recording industries needed a fully coordinated Mechanical, Electrical and Technical installation in order to fulfil the many requirements of a modern facility. These requirements are often missed at the design and build stage, and only discovered once the facility is in use, by which time it is too late!

Indesign Engineering set out to use our specialist experience and knowledge to design and build an installation that actually functions as expected.

Our design team has years of experience not only in designing, building and installing world class recording facilities, but also troubleshooting existing studios with interference issues caused by incorrect installation practices, which may comply with local regulations, but cause interference on recording systems.

Our specialist contractors are fully versed in best practice for their disciple, whether it be installing clean earth electrical systems, or decoupling ventilation ducting from floating rooms in order to achieve the required NR ratings.


Indesign Engineering was formed to bring specialist mechanical, electrical & technical design and installation for professional media facilities, broadcast and recording studios. We have a proven reputation within this sector for some of the biggest companies in media for design-based services and installation of fit for purpose M&E.

Our multi discipline design teams work together in Revit and Autocad to deliver a seamless design process for architects, construction teams and designers, our understanding and implementation of design considerations together with our specialist knowledge across all of these disciplines we create a seamless transition from specification to completion for all of our services.

Technical, electrical, and mechanical services are so intrinsically linked within a modern facility that an understanding of industry best practice is fundamental to the delivery of a fit for purpose design and installation. Using general MEP contractors without specialist knowledge and experience can put a main contractor in a precarious position should design considerations be missed or misinterpreted and this pinch point is removed entirely using a specialist contractor such as Indesign Engineering.


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